Student Life in Thailand

Since we launched our school's website back in August 1997, we have received literally hundreds of letters from students and teachers from around the world. All of them wanted to know what life is like for students in Thailand. We had some strange questions, like "Do you go to school by elephant?" and "Do you have a television at home?" Our students laughed of course and replied that some of them came to school by Mercedez Benz and that most people had two or three televisions in their houses. But of course, there are some differences which everyone was fascinated to learn. I know that our students were mystified when they were asked how many heaters they had in their classrooms. "Why would you want a heater in Thailand?"

Three of our best webmasters being interviewed by a camera crew from ITV's News Hour.

Every year, our students join up with schools around the world in penfriend projects. However, we soon realised that we were always being asked the same questions. So what we decided to do was to put together a page of some of the most frequently asked questions. Then, as our students gained more skills with the computer, we decided to go one step further and ask them to make their own homepages. Their work gives you a fascinating glimpse of life at home and school in Thailand. Altogether there are hundreds of pictures of their family and homes, artwork from school and snapshots from their holidays. The students talk about their family and life at home. They have also written a diary so that you can see what a typical week at school is like.

Student Rules Like schools all around the world there are many rules the students have to follow. Take at look at some of the rules the students have written for themselves. Please note, these rules are not used by the school.

Top Ten What do the students really like? For their English homework, the students had to write their own personal Top Ten lists.

Classroom Teacher The students were asked about the job of the classroom teacher. What did they think the teacher did and what would they do differently.

Grace Before they eat lunch the students have to recite a kind of grace together. This is not really traditional, but was especially written by a teacher some six years ago. We thought it was about time for a change so take a look at the grace they say now, and what they would like to say in the future.

View from Classroom Class 6/1 described the view from their window during a penfriend project with a school in America. The idea was for them to compare the differences.

Student Surveys Find out exactly how many students have televisions in their bedrooms or servants in their home.

Frequently Asked Questions Do you have a question for us? If so, take a look here before you send us a letter. You might find your answer on this page.

Sunrise and Sunset The students did a project with a school in the northern hemisphere and a school in the southern hemisphere. The idea was to compare the length of day for different countries.

Thailand Symbols Our students selected what they considered to be representative of Thailand and then drew pictures and wrote about it. They then swopped these with students in other countries.


Thailand Life - This web site has been written by Nattawud Daoruang, one of our old students who is now 15 years old. He first started it two years ago and it has now grown into a massive chronicle of life in Thailand for a student. He still updates it often together with his other websites called Movie Links and Japanese Manga. If you want to have a detailed look at life at home and school then this is certainly the best place to go. Some of the special features include Photo Tours and his Life as a Novice Monk. The site contains hundreds of pictures with more being added all the time.

Two other websites written by some of our senior students are worth a look. These are made by Sakdipat Krishanachinda and Suthee Buyam.

The following sites represent the girls in Primary 6: Raya Treecharoen, Nuttarika Chaiyadeacha, Mathuwadee Praipruksapun, Natsuda Detthongkom, Chatchaya Yimyam, Naiwinit Mingtoom, Katiya Khunchitwattana.

Class 6/1 This is the only class in the school with a foreign teacher. You are welcome to come on in and see what the students do on a typical school day. They have all written an extensive website about their family and home life which includes hundreds of pictures. The students work on their homepages once a week and usually upload onto the internet once a new page has been completed.

Project Thailand As we often get letters from students around the world wanting to know more about Thailand in order to help them with homework, we set up a special section over at our web site. You will find everything here from geography and history to weather and maps.

A Day in the Life This page gives you an overview of a typical day at school.

Guided Tour Wander around the school and see what the students are studying in the classroom. Also take a look at what's on the menu for lunch.

Scouting in the Classroom The students learn about Scouting as part of the normal curriculum.

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