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Thai Culture at School

Life in a Thai school in some ways is quite similar to other schools around the world. However, the fascinating Thai culture helps contribute to some intriguing differences. These range from simple things such as shoes not being allowed to be worn in the school buildings to the annual Wai Kru Ceremony where all of the students bow down low in obeisance towards their teachers.

You can ask us questions about life in a Thai school in our School Forum.

  • Art Gallery - a collection of paintings made by the students showing different aspects of Thai culture
  • Brahmin Shrine - the students pay respect to the four faced shrine and ask it for good luck before they take exams
  • Loy Krathong Festival - students make beautiful krathongs to float on the river for this colourful festival
  • Meditation - several times a week the students sit down and clear their minds of everything
  • Songkran Festival - the traditional Thai new year in April when a lot of water is splashed around
  • Spirit House - Thai people believe the land belongs to spirits so they must be appeased with offerings of food every day
  • Thai Clothes - worn on special occasions, Thai clothes are very colourful
  • Thai Dancing - beautiful and graceful is one way to describe the very distinctive dancing style
  • Thai Etiquette - students greet their elders by placing their hands together in a prayer like gesture
  • Thai Food - famous around the world as being very delicious, come and see what is served up in the kitchens
  • Thai Games - a selection of traditional games the students play
  • Thai Music - a variety of instruments unique to Thailand
  • Thailand Symbols - we asked the students to think of different things which they think represent Thailand the best.
  • Top Knot Cutting Ceremony - you don't see many students these days with a top knot
  • Wai Kru Ceremony - at the start of the academic year, students present their teachers with flower garlands

Students presenting flowers to their teachers during the annual Wai Kru Ceremony

Beautiful and graceful, two students demonstrating Thai dancing

Several times a week the students clear their minds with some meditation

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  • Making Merit - every year we invite nine monks to the school and we make merit by offering them food and other essentials
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You can ask us questions about life in a Thai school in our School Forum.

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